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The Juice Till Dinner Cleanse is for juice cleanse beginners, those who haven't practiced a cleanse for a while, experienced juicers who want to integrate whole, nourishing foods into their detox plan or those who just really want a good chew at the end of a detox day.

Juice Till Dinner is a simple introduction to raw juice cleansing that allows your body to acclimate to the detoxifying power of nutrient-rich, veggie-based nourishment while getting the fresh calories and pure energy your body craves. The plan is simple: Replace your breakfast, lunch and midday snacks with juice, enjoy a well-combined dinner at the end of the day and then savor the clean, energizing change that comes with an all-natural vegetable juice cleanse.

The details:

  • Always store your juices in the fridge. Our fresh-pressed juices are made to order from whole, raw vegetables and those nutrients are strongest when kept cold and consumed soon after pressing.
  • On day 1, begin your day with water aim for 1 liter throughout the morning, before consuming anything else. Remember that it's good to feel hungry! This is a sure sign that your body is cleansing and is requesting food. Think of the juice like electricity you turn the lights on when you need them rather than keeping them burning all hours of the day.
  • When your body feels empty this should be around 10 or 11 am drink the green juice (we think it's most delicious on ice). Don't forget to shake it well!
  • Sip on the remaining two bottles of juice throughout the day, hydrating in between with as much water or herbal tea as you like. But be sure to savor that light empty feeling it's temporary and often brings great mental clarity.
  • At dinner, start with a large, green salad chock full of raw, organic vegetables dressed with fresh squeezed lemon juice and a dash of spice. Follow the salad with steamed or baked low starch organic vegetables, such as broccoli, swiss chard, collard greens or bok choy, and either a protein or starch-based main course. Be sure to check out our blog for delicious Juice Till Dinner-friendly menu ideas.
  • Sleep well, dream of clean living and begin the detoxifying process again in the morning!

If at the end of your cleanse you want to continue longer than you originally planned or just want to integrate some delicious fresh juice into your every day diet, that's great! We're happy that you've found joy in a cleaner way of living. Just let us know your plans and we'll make sure to deliver the juicy nutrients your body needs, when it needs them.