Minnesota's first fresh pressed juice company

Cleanse your body. Reclaim your health.

You're smart. You know that eating whole, unprocessed foods are the best path to a healthy body. But even with the best diet, toxins from every day living stress, poor air quality, alcohol, not enough exercise, too much exercise can build up in the body, leaving you sluggish, cranky, sick or just simply living at less than your best.

The Juice Works cleanses are a simple, delicious way to give your body some much-needed R&R. Simply replace most or all of your regular meals with our fresh-pressed juices, developed to nourish and purify while flooding your system with natural, energy-rich nutrients and enzymes. By easing the taxing process of food digestion, your body can rest, repair and eliminate all those harmful toxins leaving you leaner, more energetic and with a clean house for your new way of living.

The Juice Works difference

EASY No powders to mix. No veggies to press. No mess to clean up. Just fresh, delicious juice made from nutritious, raw vegetables delivered to your door, on your schedule. That's it.

SIMPLE With our flexible 5, 10 and 30-day program options, you can choose whether to integrate healthy, well-combined meals into our Juice Till Dinner Cleanse or progress to our dynamic All Juice Cleanse for a more accelerated detox.

FRESH We believe the healthiest diets are based on ingredients grown beneath the sun's nourishing rays. That's why our detoxifying juices are always fresh-pressed from nutrient-rich, raw vegetables hours before they arrive at your door. Never frozen. Never processed. Just pure, fresh, nourishing fuel for clean, simple living. And since we strive to be 100% organic, you know every sip is naturally good.

Easy, simple, fresh.
That, friends, is the The Juice Works difference.