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Juicy Testimonials

I have done three cleanses with The Juice Works and have nothing but good things to say. My experience has been that the cleanses reintroduced the importance of nutrition to my daily life. It truly is a taste of youth each time that I embark on the journey. I will be doing more cleanses and I would recommend them to anyone.

- Olaf Gilbertson


I love the Juice Works green juice- I drink one every day- it's delicious and refreshing. I feel better when I drink it- less hungry and I have more energy. Happier too. I've always had low iron hovering around 9 and October 2012 my hemoglobin was off the charts- it was a 13!

- Jill Johnson


Juice Works juice is the freshest, tastiest, cleanest, all vegetable juice around. I have been doing the 5 Day Juice Cleanse on a regular basis and have had amazing results. I have more energy, fewer cravings, a leaner body, and a healthier perspective. This juice product is a great way to recalibrate your whole system

- Sonia Berglund


Whether I'm doing a cleanse or supplementing during stressful times, The Juice Works has provided the most tasty and nutritious juice to get me through. I receive prompt and friendly service, as well as follow up support after receiving the juice making sure that I have what I need. I highly recommend The Juice Works!

- Andrea Gerrard Dow


I've ordered several a la carte juices from The Juice Works and they're simply delicious! Heather and Mike Haugen have helped me understand how juicing can positively affect my health and I'm excited to learn more. I highly recommend juice from The Juice Works for anyone looking to improve their health.

- Megan Betterman