Minnesota's first fresh pressed juice company

The Juice Works Story

Heather Haugen

As a mother of two, a working aerialist (think Cirque du Soleil) and a pilates and Gyrotonic instructor, Heather Haugen is constantly trying to find ways to gain energy and live healthfully. When she started experimenting with cleanses in 2006, she knew she had found her golden ticket to increased energy and vitality.

Chock full of feel good nutrients and free from toxins, Heather made the decision to help others enjoy cleaner, simpler living. Her goal was to create an accessible, gentle cleanse program based on fresh-pressed, all-natural vegetable juices. And so The Juice Works was born.

Mike Haugen

As a skateboarder, Mike Haugen needs to push his body as far as it will go and has learned that proper nutrition and daily exercise are key to performing at a high level and a long career. Seeing the results of his wife's new simplified, clean eating patterns, Mike decided to give The Juice Works cleanse a shot. The results? He lost 11 pounds, slept better and was happier and more energetic than ever. In fact, Mike felt so great after his first cleanse that The Juice Works energizing green juice has become a staple in his diet.

Together, Heather and Mike are dedicated to bringing customers high quality, delicious all-natural goodness made only from what Mother Nature provides. All so you can live clean, healthy and better than ever before.

It's the Juice Works way.